Leadership Centrik is a Leadership Development consulting firm that specializes in developing leaders as drivers of sustainable strategic change and innovation in multicultural organizations. We support the key role of business leaders in setting the strategic direction and shaping the organizational culture by modeling the behavior they want to see in their organizations.

“Leaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to be heard”
— Warren G. Bennis

Leadership Centrik Development Model

Articulating a clear strategic purpose and shared values holds an organization together and focuses people’s energy on what really matters to the organization. We approach leadership development at three different levels: organization, team and Individual.

LEADING ORGANIZATIONS – Focus on helping leaders appreciate how all parts of the organization are systemically connected and influence one another.

LEADING SELF– Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of leaders. Leading Self is at the core of the Leadership Centrik Development Model.

LEADING TEAMS – Leadership is the art of influencing and working effectively through others–building high performing teams is central to effective leadership.

“The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work”
— Agha Hasan Abedi

Leadership Development Programs

Virtual and In-Person

Leadership Centrik partners with organizations seeking to leverage leadership talent through a tailored mix of Team & Executive Coaching and Learning & Development activities.  Because of the flexibility of our virtual and in-person programs, we can customize our response to our client’s specific development needs.

Leader/Team Boot Camp

Collaboration leads to better results, increased employee engagement, and efficient resource allocation. This program is designed to provide managers and their teams with a quick path to improve performance by increasing their self-awareness and unlocking their full potential using 360 assessments.


● Involvement of staff in the 360 process from the beginning ensures transparency, data validity, and a higher response rate.

● Sharing 360 survey results with staff make leaders accountable for acting on feedback. Acting on feedback makes employees feel heard and help leaders develop and grow in a meaningful way.

● Developing joint action plans builds trust and cohesion, opens communications, and improves overall team effectiveness.

Action Learning Teams

Action Learning Teams is an extension of the Leader/Team Bootcamp. This program allows the organization to institutionalize the team approach to problem solving. It also sustains employee involvement in driving ideas and actions to support strategic goals.

Participant teams are coached to support alignment, collaborative behaviors, and achievement of shared goals. The implementation of Action Learning Teams, as a follow-up to Boot Camps, also minimizes organizational silos, by promoting collaboration within and between departments.


● Leaders learn and apply problem-solving tools to real situations and lead effective and engaging team meetings.

● Leaders identify and reach agreement on areas where things are going well and where change is suggested. As a result, they develop joint clear action plans, monitor implementation, and assess results.

● Leaders minimize silos by partnering within and between departments on projects that benefit the whole organization.

Leader Learning Camp

Soft skills provide leaders with a competitive edge while concurrently improving results. We offer customized training centered on modules designed to develop leaders in essential and key aspects of leading organizations, teams, and employees. We focus on skills that leaders need to become effective in their roles as: Change Agents, Team Builders and Performance Coaches.


● Leaders learn to co-create strategic alignment and understand their key role in shaping the culture of the organization. They understand change and learn how to effectively lead change and manage resistance to successfully accomplish organizational goals.

● Employees don’t quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. Leaders learn how to retain their people and reduce costly recruitment expenses. They learn to build their teams and practice the art of influencing and working effectively through others.

● Leaders increase employee engagement by learning how to coach employees to motivate and increase their skill level. They learn to connect mind and heart when it comes to understanding and embracing diversity to enhance teamwork and collaboration.

Best Practices Teams

Best Practices Teams is an extension of the Leader Learning Camp. This program enables leaders to use the knowledge acquired at the Learning Camp to co-create Best Practices that support innovation and strategic goals.

Participant teams deepen their learning experience by being coached to actively experiment with models, tools, and practices learned during training. The implementation of Best Practices Teams, as a follow-up to Learning Camps, supports the transfer of learning to the workplace and contributes to the development of organizational knowledge.


● Leaders apply models and tools learned during training to practical work situations.

● They keep the organization innovating through experimenting with new ideas and concepts.

● Leaders co-create best practices by sharing feedback and lessons learned from real work situations.

“The challenge today is not just retaining talented people, but fully engaging them by capturing their minds and hearts.”
— Anonymous

Yolanda supports executive leadership teams in aligning the strategic direction of the organization and co-creating a culture of collaboration. She develops and delivers training courses on a variety of topics relevant to leadership effectiveness.

Co-author of The World Book of Values and published in the Journal of Organizational Change Management, Yolanda holds a Master in Organization Development from American University in Washington DC, and a Master in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. She is a Gestalt-trained, and ICF credentialed Executive Coach. Yolanda is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and capable of working at ease in both languages.

Pedro is currently a professor in the Postgraduate Program of Leadership and Managerial Skills at the Euncet Business School. Pedro has also been Professor and Executive Coach of the LEAD program (a leadership development program based on Daniel Goldman and Richard Boyatzis’ Emotional Intelligence Model) at ESADE Business School.

Pedro supports people and teams becoming the best version of themselves and achieving their goals.  As a consultant and coach, his mission is to help people and teams prepare executable plans so they may take action to reach their goals.  He engages his clients with enthusiasm, focus and drive.

Pedro is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña and holds a Master of Science in Logic and Philosophy from the Universidad de Valladolid, and a Master of Science in Organizational Development and Process Consulting from the Institute for Organizational Development. He has training in coaching of organizational and relational systems from CRR Global. He is also an actor and clown. Pedro was awarded a Goya prize in 2018 for his participation in the short film documentary “Los Desheredados” (The Disinherited.)  Pedro is bilingual (Spanish/English).

Brad have seen most everything over his40-year career, and has a very unique mix of talents, experience, lessons learned and improvement tools to help any business improve its performance and grow.

Brad is a lifelong learner and reader and enjoy being challenged. He seeks out the most difficult problems to solve.

  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner/ELI MP
  • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt


Yolanda led a Leadership Development Program to improve key management skills of supervisors and senior managers in our plant. It was through Yolanda’s excellent work that overall participation and scores in our Management for Excellence Survey significantly improved. Her work on this has been benchmarked by other factories because of its success.

Ninoy Perucho, Department Manager

I got so much out of the coaching sessions I had with Marcia. She helped me discover a lot about myself that I was not consciously thinking about previously. We came up with many strategies that I can use to improve both my professional life and life in general.

Andrea Shapiro, Marketing and Communications Senior Associate

Yolanda helped me understand my personal style and strengths, and how those were both a help and a hindrance, depending on the work situation. I have used these insights many times in the following years. I would recommend Yolanda both for her ability to transform group dynamics and for her ability to personally coach and develop managers.

Erik Bettez, Yield Department Manager

Marcia has a deep understanding of how to engage with large organizations without unnecessary conflict or burnout. I recommend her to anyone who wants to grow in their careers, is at a crossroads, or loves what they do and wants to better engage with those they work with.

Bruno Nowak, Director - Product Marketing

Yolanda’s approach, using the 360-degree feedback methodology was profoundly effective and constructive…even more useful than the 360-degree assessment, however, was her own interpersonal style of coaching to accomplish the intent of the exercise. We truly appreciate her, and all she has done for us as individuals and as a team.

Daniel Davies, Facilities Management Manager

I had the benefit of Marcia’s coaching. I was so impressed by her calmness and insight, along with her flexibility in adapting to my coaching needs. She has all of this coaching skill, along with her outstanding business experience. I highly recommend Marcia!

Jonathan Hass, Director of Human Resources

Yolanda designed a comprehensive Training Program for our management team and worked with us over the course of several months. In the end, we were able to come up with a mission for our team, goals, a set of values and corresponding behaviors and tools for effective communication. Yolanda is both nurturing and challenging as a trainer. She gained the trust and respect of staff and was highly effective in her work.

John McIlven, Human Resources Director

Marcia has had a very positive impact on my professional development and self-awareness. Her candid approach to getting to know me and understanding my background helped us to discover immediate areas of opportunity as well as tactical steps to make the most of difficult circumstances. I know I can trust her for simple and complex decisions on my professional development.

Rafael Reyes, Director of Business Development

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